Who we are: those who have registered for the 2002 TMC reunion

Name Dept Years Employer/occupation Email (replace (at) with @) Address
Deborah Ackerley Marketing then UK Sales, Pye TMC then Philips TMC 1980-1987 self-employed: event management; training deborah.ackerley(at)cwcom.net 25 Michael Pym's Road, Malmesbury SN16 9TY
Richard Adams Philips Switching 1978-2001 redundant richard(at)aadams1.fsnet.co.uk Wharf House, Dauntsey Lock, Chippenham, Wilts SN15 4HD
Graham Addis Various 1978-1984   graham(at)addis.org.uk 71a Poplar Grove, Kennington, Oxfordshire, OX1 5QN
Paul Adkins

Philips Bus. systems; ISDN development; AT&T NSUK 1981 - 91, transferred to AT&T Istel PJA Consultants Ltd padkins(at)compuserve.com  
Johan Agema

PRX 1979-1981 Philips Business Communications, Hilversum j.m.agema(at)hccnet.nl Tinnegieter 69, 1625 AT Hoorn, Netherland
Eric Alden Radar 1949 to 1959 Retired all(at)thehollandz.freeserve.co.uk  
Richard Apps ADD 1977-85   rapps(at)iee.org  
Dennis Arkinstall various, last in PRX Quality 1971-1997   dennis(at)arkinstalld.freeserve.co.uk 12 Whitethorn Close Wootton Bassett, SN4 7HS
Ed Badcock NPD / LSI Test 1974 - 1985 Retech Electronics Ltd MD ed(at)retech.co.uk 12 Woodland View, Wroughton
Bob Baker Development, CAD, Mullards 1972-89      
Roger Barber Cray/ADD 1971-now (Lucent)   rjbarber(at)iee.org 10 St. Leonards Close, Upper Minety, Malmesbury, SN16 9QB
Richard Bastable ADD 1979 - 1986 SiGe Semiconductor, Cambridge top_ric(at)hotmail.com 13 Fernholt, TONBRIDGE, TN10 3RH
Stephen Baynes CAD 82-89 Philips Semiconductors Southampton stephen.baynes(at)soton.sc.philips.com  
Brian Beardshall

Switching / AirLoop / UMTS 1971-2001 Semi-retired b17bbb(at)hotmail.com Meadowcroft, Little Badminton Lane, Lea, Malmesbury
John Bennett Software Development Centre 1978-now (Philips!)   John.Bennett(at)Philips.com "Savernake", 17 Withy Close, Romsey, SO51 7SA
Nigel Berry UMTS Standards 1980 - APT - ATT - Lucent   nhberry(at)lucent.com  
Jerry Bevan SX(5ESS), INU 1985-2002 just redundant - looking for a job! jez(at)jezbevan.freeserve.co.uk Bath
Tim Bond Prog. Mgt 1980 - 1987 Somerford Labs timbond(at)somlab.com  
Patrick Boyle ADD 1978 to 1984 (student much of the time)   patrickb(at)advancedbionics.com 8 Southey Street, Penge, London SE20 7JD
Simon Bramwell   1982-1985 (as student) - 1986 Philips Semiconductors Simon.Bramwell(at)philips.com 18 The Thicket, Romsey
Philip Bunce NPD/ADD 1971-74   pjb(at)carmel.com  
Thora Burton Nurse        
Arthur Buttle Pre Production 1973-89 (Lucent) Retired abuttle(at)compuserve.com  
Mike Button EBX/PS/QA

    cameo_tdr_ltd(at)compuserve.com 29 The Dawneys, Crudwell, Malmesbury
Graham Carter

Marketing 1980 - 1986 Red-M graham.carter(at)red-m.com Duich House, Park Place, Ashton Keynes, SN6 6NT
Richard Chamberlain PRX-D/5ESS Switching Development 1982-1988 IBM r.chamberlain(at)btinternet.com Woodford, Bassett Wood Road, Southampton, SO16 3LS
Gina Chapman Programme Management 1980-86      
June Cheetham (nee Bourne) Accounts & Commercial Left in 1985 Retired last year tonycheetham(at)ukonline.co.uk 27 Great Calcroft, Pershore, WR10 1QS
Brian Christie Dev 78 till 'the end Christie Engineering / Cloud Communications brian(at)cloud-isdn.com 58 Broadoak Road, Langford, Bristol, BS40 5HB
Dave Clarke Various, was a student 1984-88   dave.clarke(at)mic.ericsson.se  
Maurice Cleaver ADD 1972 - 1986 plus ATT/Lucent until 2000 Semi-retired maurice(at)71bristol.freeserve.co.uk 71 Bristol Street, Malmesbury, SN16 0AZ
Harry Constantine Switching 1970-present   hconstantine(at)lucent.com 11 The Grove, Chelworth, Malmesbury, SN16 9SS
Ian Cox ADD/Product Management 1974 to 1987 Telecommunications Industry Analyst at www.rhk.com ian_cox(at)iee.org
John Cousens Switching/INU/Customer Support 1972- 2002 Garden Leave jc(at)cousens2.freeserve.co.uk  
Dave Crouch Operations 1986-2000     9 Brudenell, Orton Goldhay, Peterborough. PE2 5SX
Dawn Currell Development/Marketing (Philips) 1981-1986 Thomas and Adamson, Edinburgh Office Administrator dawn.currell(at)thomasandadamson.com 2 George Paul Road, Carnwath, Lanark, ML11 8QU
Dave Davey Standardization   Retired Michael.davey5(at)virgin.net

Jim Druett CIO 1980/2001 Redundant since end Sept 2001 jimdruett(at)hotmail.com 18, Willow View Close, Malmesbury, SN16 0BZ
Brian Edwards PRX-A 1974 - 81 Until recently, Siemens doing UMTS SW development. Currently "resting". brian.edwards(at)theoffice.net Oude Godstraat 55, B - 2550 Edegem, Belgium
Fiona Elliott (nee Sharp) APT, AT&T, Lucent, Microelectronics 1986/1998 DDi Technologies / Buyer timelliott(at)tesco.net  
Richard Erskine CAD/VLSI

1983-1988 PwC Consulting richard.w.erskine(at)uk.pwcglobal.com The Springs, High Beeches, Nailsworth, GL6 0AP
Mick Evans ADD 1971-77   mick(at)matrics.ltd.uk  
Gareth Evans Softy 1981 - 1984 Out And ABout Systems Ltd lis.evans(at)lineone.net 13 Hardens Close, Chippenham, SN15 3AA

Geoff Evason Switching 1979 to Bishop Briggs exodus   gevason(at)lucent.com  
Phil Field ADD 1982-86   philip.field(at)philips.com  
John Finch Subs Apps 1973/1987   johnvfinch(at)yahoo.co.uk Gransden Top Road, Westbury-sub-Mendip, Wells, BA5 1JB
John Fletcher Standards 1980-86 Retired fletchers_swindon(at)talk21.com  
Pearl Foster Drawing Office, Engineering TMC 1980; transfered AT&T/Lucent to 2001 Semi retired; temping at National Trust Cirencester and others rpfoster(at)compuserve.com  
Colin Gabbitas Radar 1956 to 1959   all(at)thehollandz.freeserve.co.uk  
David Gealer various 1953-1988   davidgealer(at)hotmail.com Rose Cottage, Earls Corner, Oaksey
Peter Gilchriest ADD     peter.gilchriest(at)ntlworld.com  
Peter Goldsmith Switching 1982 to 1986 Radiant Networks PGoldsmith(at)iee.org 1 Mill Lane, Swaffham Bulbeck, Cambridge, CB5 0NF
Maurice Goodwin QA 1972-90   cirengoodwin(at)lineone.net  
Neil Gow Development/Drawing Office 1973 to 1986 Self Employed Sculptor (When I get the commissions!) neil.gow3(at)virgin.net Brownshill Cottage, Brownshill, Stroud, GL6 8AG
Richard (Dick) Gray Development, Support, Services 1971-date Still Lucent dg(at)classicfm.net Broxburn, Silver Street, Minety, SN16 9QU
Dick Gray CAD 1980-86 Dialog Semiconductor richard.gray(at)diasemi.com 85 Gloucester Road, Malmesbury, SN16 0AJ
Patrick Green

PRX 1977 - Lucent Technologies patrickcgreen(at)hotmail.com 6, Park Road, Malmesbury, SN16 0BX
Helen Hall QA 1983-88   helen(at)matrics.ltd.uk  
Jerry Hall Switching PRX-D / Transmission 1980 - now Lucent Technologies jlhall2(at)lucent.com Lowden Lodge, Lowden Hill, Chippenham, SN15 2BT
Mike Hammond Commercial 1978-87   scott(at)earswick.fsworld.co.uk  
Joe Haracz LSI Test, Transmission, GSM Project Management 1978 - 2001 Redundant joe.haracz(at)ntlworld.com 33 The Bramptons, Shaw, Swindon, SN5 5SL
Ros Harford Training & GSM/UMTS 1990-2001   rosharf(at)supanet.com 101 Studley Hill, Studley, CALNE, SN11 9NL
Gordon Harper ADD 1978-86      
Lynne Harper Various as student, then Development 1979 - 1986   lynne_harper(at)mentor.com Three Oaks, Braydon, Swindon, SN5 0AD
Tony Harrison ADD 1971-86 Moved to Scotland Mitel Telecom ammih(at)Freenet.co.uk  
Kelvin Harvey Standards / Development / Mgt Services / Marketing 1969 - 1985 Motorola (Ireland) kelvin.harvey(at)motorola.com  
Richard Hastings IC Layout / CAD 1979-81, 82-85 Cadence richard10665(at)aol.com Garsdale House, The Street, Lea, SN16 9PG
Jacquie Hewitt Marketing Joined Phillips March 1989   jacquie(at)jacquie.fsnet.co.uk 2 Willow View Close Malmesbury SN16 0BZ
Mike Hicks Telephones 1982-1986 Mitel mike_hicks(at)mitel.com  
Peter Hiorns Switching/INU 1987-2002   peterhiorns(at)bigfoot.com 1 Chandler Way, Chippenham, SN15 3YG

Peter Holland Switching 1977 - current Lucent pmholland(at)lucent.com  
Jennie Horton Switching 1979-1985 Gardener jenniehorton(at)quarry12.freeserve.co.uk Quarry Cottage, 12 Cirencester Road, Tetbury, GL8 8DQ
Jerry Horton Switching, Transmission, GSM 1979-2001 Gap Year (or two!) jerry(at)thehortons.freeserve.co.uk "
Allan Howell Development 1976-87   al.howell.al(at)tinyonline.co.uk 15 Cannon Way, Fetcham, Leatherhead, KT22 9LJ
David Huddart NPD   1972-86   david(at)old-school-house.demon.co.uk 166 Stoke lane, Westbury-on-Trym, BRISTOL, BS9 3RP
Richard Jeffreys Various 1972 -2001 Currenly in between jobs! r.jeffreys(at)btinternet.com  
Peter Jennings ADD 1971-80, 1982-86 IBM/Software engineer pja_jennings(at)talk21.com  
Anne Jones (nee Clayton) Most of them !!!!! 1973 - 2001 (redundant Oct 2001) Resting between jobs annemjones(at)btinternet.com  
Alan Jubb Various 1973-84 Pi Technology alan(at)shacklog.co.uk  
John Kilpatrick PRX 1978-82 VNU World Directories (yellow pages) jkilp(at)jkilp.com Rijksstraatweg 80, 3632 AD, Loenen aan de Vecht, The Netherlands
Hilton Kirk CAD 1974-86 Philips Semiconductors hilton.kirk(at)philips.com  
Mike Kirkham ADD (SW Dev) 1980-86   mike(at)kirkham.screaming.net  
Marc Kirschner PRX/5ESS/Transmission/Airloop/UMTS 1978 to present   mkirschn(at)lucent.com 2, Hardens Close, Chippenham, SN15 3AA
Brian Lambert Development 1971-89 Still Philips! Brian.Lambert(at)Philips.com  
Adrian Lawes Various 1974 - 1990 Pi Technology adrian(at)lawesa.freeserve.co.uk  
Lucy Lawrance S/W Dev 1980-85 Sherston Software llawrance(at)sherston.co.uk  
Pete Little Electronic Hardware 1981-86 Avaya little(at)avaya.com 24 Back Lane, Marshfield, SN14 8NQ
Tony Lloyd

PRX Software Development, 5ESS Dev 1978 - still at Lucent Lucent - Supply Chain Management tony(at)5lloyd.freeserve.co.uk ajlloyd(at)lucent.com Greenbank, Gloucester Road, Swainswick, BATH. BA1 8BH
Paul Lockley Real Time S/W, S/W Development Centre 1981 -> on  Lucent/system engineer plockley(at)bell-labs.com 18, Cirencester Road, Tetbury
Graeme Marett PRX HW Development 1976-1989 JCRA acsint(at)localdial.com  
Shaun C. Martin Software Development 1979 - they moved to Scotland Retired due to health schorn_stein(at)hotmail.com  
Pat Massingale   1981 - 1984 Avnet/ and hardware development pat.massingale(at)avnet.com 28, Lillibrooke Crescent, Maidenhead, SL6 3XG
Graham Matthew CAD 1981-89   graham.matthew(at)st.com 6 The Lotts, Ashton Keynes, Swindon SN6 6PS
Steve McColl Development 1980-1984 N.European Apps Specialist/Legerity (Ex AMD SLICs & SLACs) Steve.McColl(at)Legerity.com 21 Boleyn Close, Grange Park, Swindon, SN5 6JZ
Brenda Miles UP/UH exchanges 1971-74   david.miles(at)swindon.ericsson.se 'Durlston', Somerford Keynes, CIRENCESTER GL7 6DW
David Miles ADD 1977-86   david.miles(at)swindon.ericsson.se 'Durlston', Somerford Keynes, CIRENCESTER GL7 6DW
Alice Millmore Development 1978 onwards   Millmore(at)Lucent.com  
Ivor Moore EKCO, Pye, Pye TMC and Philips TMC (Commercial) 1958-1987 retired   7 The Brush, Cashes Green, Stroud, Glos
Pat Morris Human Resources 1983-2000   pat(at)pemorris.fsnet.co.uk  
Steve Morris ADD     steve.morris(at)zarlink.com 3309 Via Loma Vista, Escondido, CA 92029, USA.
Helen Morter MOST 1973-75, 1989 to present Lucent Technologies hmorter(at)lucent.com 5 Pool Gastons Road, Malmesbury
Christine Moss Staff Shop 1976 - 1991 Electrolux (AEG) mrscamoss(at)aol.com 13 Pembroke Green, Lea, Malmesbury, SN16 9PB
Lawrence D Moss Switching and ONG 1976 to present Lucent Technologies lawrencemoss(at)lucent.com Lucent Technologies, Optical Networking, Swindon Road, Malmesbury, SN16 9NA
Peter Moss Sales 1986 to 1997 Ex Lucent peterkmoss(at)btopenworld.com  
Bob Mulkerrin Development 1970-86   bobmulkerrin(at)aol.com  
Martin Noble QA, MDT, FOA, IN, CTS, TSS TMC 3/85-1/87, APT 1/87-3/88, APT/LU 8/89 till now Lucent mjnoble(at)lucent.com  
Alan Oakley LSI Test 1980-1985 Credence - Apps Engineer alan_oakley(at)credence.com 10 Home Ground, Woodshaw Wootton Bassett SN4 8NB
Owen O'Brien PRX A 1978-AT&T and Lucent Cambridge Posistioning Systems owen.o'brien(at)cursor-system.com The Old School House, Erlestoke, Devizes
Dennis O'Leary Sales & Marketing 1951/1982 Retired c/o jimdruett(at)hotmail.com 19 Willow View Close, Malmesbury, SN16 0BZ
John Oliver ADD + others as a student 1978-1986 Sales manager at Zilog john.oliver3(at)virgin.net 30 Bridle Road, Maidenhead, SL6 7RP
Michael O'Neill Marketing Joined 1988 /AT&T/Lucent -Retired Independant Business Development Consultant for Euphony Communications michael.oneill(at)euphony.com 1 Webbs Way, Malmesbury, SN16 9UR
Alan Paddock Subs Apps 1982-89   alan(at)apaddock.freeserve.co.uk  
Peter Payne Software Development (Contractor) 1979 - 1983 IBM - Software Engineer peter_payne(at)yahoo.com  
Nick Pettefar Pre-Production 1978-1980 IT Consultant Nick(at)Pettefar.com  
Ian Phillips Development 1975-86   ian.phillips(at)iee.org  
Geraldine Pike (nee Quirke) Finance 1979 - present   geraldinepike(at)lucent.com  
Fred Pooley Pre Production, Hybrids, Tranmission 1980-1995 and then Lucent 1997-present UMTS Development fpooley(at)lucent.com  
Steve Ponting LSI Test 1981-86 Intel Corp stephen.ponting(at)intel.com  
Chris Power Switching & UMTS 1982-present s/w dev, testing, tools chrispower(at)lucent.com, chrispower(at)pgen.com 3 Park Close, SN160EB
Jim Pratt Development 1972 - 1986   j_mpratt(at)yahoo.co.uk 17 The Dawneys, Crudwell, SN16 9HE
Vince Pycroft

Switching Development 1972 -> Philips ->AT&T ->Lucent Retired vincepycroft(at)cs.com  
Don Queen Switching (AT&T & Philips) late 1984->date (lucent) Lucent (3G UMTS Systems Engineering) claude.greengrass(at)ukonline.co.uk  
Dave Redbond Private Switch Software Development 1982-84   redbondd(at)aol.com The Mount, Regent Street, Stonehouse, GL10 2AA
David Reynolds PRX-A 1980-1984 IBM UK Laboratories reynolds(at)uk.ibm.com  
David Roberts Transmission 1974-1978 1980-1986   david(at)dacre.com  
Liz Rogers CIC 1956 - 2001      
Sheila Rollett Library  1975-98 Lucent   tay.rol(at)tinyonline.co.uk Anquilla, Kyneton Way, Kington St Michael, SN14 6JF
Nick Rowe IC layout 1980-86   nick_rowe(at)mentor.com 14 Church View Chippenham, SN15 1QH
Alan Rutherford ADD 1980-87   alan_rutherford(at)mqp.com  
Phil Saunter LSI Test 1980-1984 Schlumberger - Semiconductor Equipment Sales saunter(at)slb.com  
Duncan Sears

Softy 1983 -85?   duncan(at)sears-family.net 67 Linden Park
Shaftesbury SP7 8RN
Hilary Shaer PRX-A Switching Development 1980-84 (then AT&T, Lucent)   hilary(at)shaer.org.uk  
Jim Sharp Pye/Philips/TMC/Philips Cambridge 1963 - 1993   jim.sharp(at)ntlworld.com King Street, Rampton, Cambridge CB4 8QD
Paul Shearon ADD 1982-84   pshearon(at)lucent.com  
Mark Sheircliff Software 1984-86   mark.sheircliff(at)vf.vodafone.co.uk  
Guy Simpson

PRX/D Switching 1981 / 1989 Catapult Communications guy(at)catapult.com  
Sue Simpson (nee Houseman) PRX-D Switching Development 1980-1996 Catapult Communications sue(at)catapult.com 22402 Citation Court,

Los Gatos, CA 95033, US

Doug Sitch Telephones 1977-86   Doug(at)sitch.globalnet.co.uk 16 Greenlees Drive, Plympton, Plymouth, PL7 1YW
Bob Smith Software 1985-87 Self employed bob(at)11treetops.freeserve.co.uk Treetops, 11 Stony Riding, Chalford Hill, Stroud GL6 8E
Mac Smith Pre-Prod/Hybrid Dev 1972-1991   macandshirley:miltonsway.freeserve.co.uk  
Roger Spenceley

Subs Apps 1970-87 Consignia, Technology Centre, Swindon, SN3 4RD; Software Team Leader roger(at)spencelr.u-net.com 14 Frogwell Park, Chippenham, , SN14 0RB
Tony (AJ) Stannard Distribution Manager 1967-1987 Self employed Freight Forwarder.(Semi-Employed!) tony(at)ajshipping..freeserve.uk "Corner Pad", Dodford Lane, Christian Malford, Chippenham, SN15 4DE
Roy Startup S/W Dev 1980 -> they left me in Malmesbury Lucent Technolgies roystartup(at)lucent.com 15 High Street, Sherston, Malmesbury, SN16 0LH
Rita Stephens Import/Export 1974-1976 1978-present   ritastephens(at)lucent.com  
Frank Stone  QA 1981-87   frank(at)sms-asic.co.uk  
Tony Stratton SW Development 1983 to 1986 Technical Manager, Lucent Technologies tonystratton(at)lucent.com 25 Cote Park, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol BS9 2AE
Brian Summers (Bas) Drawing Office 1970-1987 Cray/Malmesbury Retired at last !!!! tonys120(at)hotmail.com 10 Rhuddlan ,Toothill

Swindon, SN5 8HS

Marilyn Tasker HR 1989- Counsellor/Own Practise Swindon and Cirencester marilyn(at)swservices.f9.co.uk Dreamweavers, 4 Peymans Terrace, South Cerney, GL7 5XD
Clive Tomlinson ADD 1984-86      
Dave Townsend Subs Apps 1982-89   david.townsend(at)swindon.ericsson.se 27 Pendennis Road, Freshbrook, Swindon, SN5 8QF
Bill Tucker Private Switch Software Development 1978-87 Pfizer Global Research & Development bill_tucker(at)breathemail.net Tel:- 01 304 648943 Office
Ron Turner TEO 1972 to 1986 Motion Media Technology flyingronaldo(at)aol.com  
Eric Underwood PRX/5ESS System Support 1980-1990   eunderwood(at)netscapeonline.co.uk  
Lutie van der Park Customer Support 1985-present Expat who stayed behind in the UK and with Lucent in Swindon lvdpark(at)lucent.com  
Tony Verney ADD 1971-87   tony.verney(at)talk21.com

Buckthorn House, High Street, Lower Dean, Huntingdon PE28 0LL
David Wall KBX software 1982-84 Software Style Ltd david.wall(at)withybeds.co.uk Withybeds, Dark Lane, Malmesbury, SN16 0BB
Peter Warn Various 1968-79 Retired peter.warn(at)btinternet.com Smithy Cottage, West Knighton, Dorchester, DT2 8PE
Colin Watts Development 1977-85   colin.watts8(at)virgin.net 7 Richards Close, Wootton Bassett, SN4 7LE
Bob Webb Development 1980-85ish   bob(at)spyderswebb.co.uk 4 The Firs, Kemble, GL7 6AZ
Lesley Webb Drawing Office/Standards 1977 - 1984 Self Employed spider64(at)hotmail.com  
Les Williams Pre-production/ Development 1977 to 1985 Blick Communications Ltd les(at)williams1.eurobell.co.uk 214 Pennsylvania Rd, Exeter, Ex4 5DZ
Nick Williams PDD 1979 - 84 Ascom telecom nick.williams(at)ascom.co.uk 18 Westbourne Cres, Whitchurch, Cardiff, CF14 2BL
Val Williams Marketing / Training Joined in May 1983 Still with Lucent, working for Global Events Marketing as an Events Manager for EMEA valwilliams(at)lucent.com In the process of moving house from Chippenham back to Malmesbury
John Willis ADD 1974-1987   john.willis(at)arg.co.uk  
Bill Wilson Development 1978-87   bill.wilson5(at)virgin.net  
Rob Wilson ADD 1977-84 Helics Ltd/IC design rob(at)keble.clara.net  
Paul Winstanley Software 1981-84   pwinstanley(at)lineone.net  
Graham Wood PRX/D 1980/1983 ICL / Fujitsu Technical Manager g.j.wood(at)ntlworld.com  
Arthur Wraight Switching, then Training 1971-1995 Redundant 1995, now Part Time tutor with Cirencester College Awraight0(at)aol.com  
Peter Wright

Sales & Marketing 1978 to 1980 Thales Translink (used to be Racal Translink) - Sales manager mailme(at)pete-wright.co.uk  
Rich Wykeham-Martin   Development   1971 to 1986 (transferred to AT&T)    wykehammartin(at)lucent.com  
Alistair Wylie CAD 1983-89 Elixent - www.elixent.com alistairwylie(at)internet-uk.net